Tuesday 13 September 2011

Silly Serena Should Have Grunted

Serena No Scream. Pic from AP.

Badass Serena Williams was given a point penalty for shouting "Come On" during play in the US Open Women's Final. Silly Serena lost in straight sets to Samantha Stosur, who became Australia's new queen of tennis.

Had Serena been smart, sneaky and serious enough to properly attempt "deliberate hindrance", she would have been grunting out as loud, as sustained and as frequently as super scream queen Maria Sharapova. Now there's the very definition of "deliberate hindrance" when the ball is in play.

Nevertheless, stoic super-fit Sam Stosur, the unassuming down-to-earth Australian who epitomizes hard work and professionalism, was a deserved champion especially considering her formidable opponent plus the date (9/11) and location (New York) of her victory.

Silly Serena is also classless and has, with her own words that were spitefully aimed at umpire Eva Asderaki, revealed more about her ugly self than anyone else:
"You're out of control, you're a hater and you're unattractive inside."

Well done Serena.

Two years ago at the 2009 US Open Women's Semi-Final against eventual champion Kim Clijsters, Serena revealed her ugly side by intimidating a line judge with:
"“I’m… going… to… ram… this… f#@&ing… ball… down… your… f#@&ing… throat!”

When umpire Louise Engzell asked the line judge (who appeared to be an Asian American) to approach and tell her what Serena had said, the line judge reported to the umpire that Serena Williams had threatened to kill her.

On hearing this, Serena replied:
"I didn't say I would kill you, are you serious?"

To be fair, technically, Serena was correct … although shoving a tennis ball down someone's throat would probably snuff that person out! Especially if the ball is rammed in by some intimidating and classless female tennis player with bulging biceps. Silly Serena.

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