Wednesday 3 February 2010

Contemptible Chinese Charlatans

Fung Shui Master Tony Chan Chun-chuen is only the latest in the long long line of fraudsters who prey on the gullible. His claim to the late Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum’s HK$100 billion fortune has just been thrown out by Hong Kong’s High Court.

It is a pity that Nina Wang is not alive to launch court proceedings against Tony Chan's fung shui scams. This is because similar scams have recently been dealt with in court cases, with the contemptible Chinese charlatans receiving lengthy prison sentences.

[Despicable Huckster Tony Chan. Photo from SCMP.]

It is simply incredible that there are plenty of dodgy hocus pocus happenings in Hong Kong, such as:
- Sex Therapy for Good Fortune
- Purple astrology
- Sex Therapy Cure for Hair loss

And here’s another sex swindle where an unidentified and gullible 47-year-old female clerk was conned in to having sex with two “Taoist masters” and racked up a debt of HK$1.5 million.
- Sex-ritual clerk conned of $1.5m in holy racket

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  1. People who believe these are those who lives in fantasy