Wednesday 19 June 2013

Little Boys Dressed As Girls

"seems he likes little boys also … that is a little boy dressed like a girl, isnt it?"

Ji Yingnan, 25, with Fan Yue, an official with whom she had an affair

The above comment is from an SCMP reader (aplucky1) in response to the news story (reference below) about a middle-aged middle-ranking Chinese Communist Party official and his affair with a 25-year-old TV reporter.

I have come across similar comments which are usually attributed to women—usually western women—who criticize men—usually western men—for choosing Chinese or Asian girlfriends or wives. There are of course variations to this "western perspective" (or "yellow fever") theme … such as corrupt middle-aged men of any race who woo (or "prey" on) younger women who, apparently, are fresh out of college.

Discussion points?

1) Are the body types of some Chinese or Asian women similar to the body type of prepubescent males?

2) Are there hidden homosexual tendencies in men (western or otherwise) who have a preference for Chinese or Asian women who have similar body types to that of prepubescent males?

3) Are western women envious of Chinese or Asian women in terms of body type? And/or are they critical of men who prefer Asian women over western women?

4) Is equality and mutual respect so hard to achieve in a relationship? This was discussed in previous posts Is It A Hard Life? and Understanding Unfaithfulness.

5) Are younger women necessarily "innocent victims" in the fallout?

6) Are older men always to be castigated for commenting positively on younger women? Examples here from a 58-year-old Hong Kong dentist and a 71-year-old British novelist.


Party accused of covering up official's lavish lifestyle (SCMP; paywall)
Tuesday, 18 June, 2013, 4:26am

Laura Zhou

A young television anchor who exposed a philandering State Archives Administration official, has accused the Communist Party's General Office, where the man previously worked, of trying to cover up the scandal.

Ji Yingnan, a 25-year-old anchorwoman on the China Travel & Economic Channel, said yesterday the State Archives had passed on a message from the General Office asking her to "seek formal channels" to solve the case, instead of "expanding [negative] influence".

Ji said that exposing her affair with Fan Yue, a deputy director-general of the State Archives' policy and legal affairs office, had been her last option. "It forced me to leap out through the window and try the side door."

She posted details of the affair on her verified Sina Weibo microblog on Friday, saying Fan gave her 10,000 yuan (HK$12,500) daily, and bought her an Audi worth 700,000 yuan in late 2009 and a white Porsche worth more than 1.3 million yuan last summer. The posts were soon removed and she has been banned from microblogging - on Sina and Tencent - since Friday.

Ji said she tried "formal channels", for example, reporting the case to the party committee of the State Archives Administration, the secretariat bureau of the party's General Office and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the past few months, but had been either blocked by security guards or had her reports ignored.

The Friday post sparked questions on how a mid-level official could fund such a lavish lifestyle.

Ji said that when they met in 2009, Fan told her that he managed an information technology firm in Beijing. She later discovered that he was a civil servant, but was told that he worked in a department that dealt with confidential affairs and was not allowed to tell her more.

State Archives Administration spokesman Guo Siping, who is also Fan's supervisor, told Xinhua that Fan had resigned, but "what the female whistle-blower described was not completely true, even though Fan did have problems", Zhongguowangshi, a Xinhua microblog reported yesterday. The post was later deleted and related report removed from the news portal.

Calls to the State Archives went unanswered yesterday.

Some Comments posted on SCMP:

newgalileo Jun 18th 2013
Being pretty familiar with those cases in Beijing, not a surprise. Sugar daddies are all around, explaining why pretty young girls drive around in expensive cars. Both are to be blamed. Come on, 10,000 RMB per day? If per month, would seem a bit more reasonable but Chinese men are at the top to spend money like crazy on those girls. Where is this money coming from? Oh I see, this is why the postings are being removed by the censors. The system is rotten to the core. Cover it up quickly. Not much pity for the girl either, a real bloodsucker as there are so many around here. Who knows she is telling the truth? Fortunately not all Chinese girls are like that.

crbfile Jun 18th 2013
that is a nightmare female. in common parlance a B-I-Y-A-T-C-H

aplucky1 Jun 18th 2013
seems he likes little boys also
that is a little boy dressed like a girl, isnt it?

syracuse37 Jun 18th 2013
I usually would rant about the corruption. However recently many of those minor wife or girlfriend try to destroy the life of officers in China. I have to admit I have absolutely no respect for someone who willfully benefited from all this money and then turns around and tries to look like they do it for the right reason. **** if he is guilty of corruption, then she should also be guilty of living on the result of corruption.


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