Wednesday 7 September 2011

Incredibly Not Credible

The winner of the an international competition in brewing the best Hong Kong-style Milk Tea is 18-year-old Chan Kam-wui, who is considered relatively inexperienced with only three years making the terrible-tasting milk tea.

Pic from KY Cheng

This speaks volumes about what haphazard judging criteria is used for this milk tea, what people think the best quality or best tasting Hong Kong milk tea should be, and what terrible taste these people have in what essentially constitutes strongly-brewed black tea passed through muslin fabric multiple times and mixed with tinned Carnation evaporated milk.

Considering the non-standard and subjective standards used by certain judges in the Yin Yeung coffee-tea competition, it is mystifying why these silly news stories about the best Milk Tea and the best Ying Yeung make their way to the media. But then again, it appears quite easy to impress the media these days with silly stories.

Special brew (SCMP; paywall)
Aug 14, 2011

He’s had just three years’ experience in making Hong Kong-style milk tea, but Chan Kam-wui, 18, yesterday beat five more experienced rivals from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Melbourne and Toronto to win the International Kam Cha Competition.

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  1. They need to push for this to become an Olympic sport, it is obviously worthy!