Tuesday 20 September 2011

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Remus Choy Yat-kit, canto-pop star (Grasshopper), Hong Kong

Remus Choy was severely "mentally disturbed" by the incident [i.e. a car crash caused by drink-driving] and needed to see a doctor. Pic by Sam Tsang

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Note: Remus also appears to have a Big Head Little Body (similar to Scott Parker)

Reference: Singer admits drinking before crashing Bentley (SCMP; paywall)
Remus Choy of Grasshoppers tells court he drank four glasses of wine before driving into railings
Austin Chiu
Jun 11, 2011

Canto-pop star Remus Choy Yat-kit crashed his new Bentley after driving it for only a week, a court heard yesterday.

Choy, 44, of the pop group Grasshopper, admitted he had been drink-driving when he crashed his car in Pok Fu Lam last month.

He told Eastern Court he was so "mentally disturbed" by the accident that he needed to see a doctor. He pleaded guilty to careless driving and drink-driving.

The court heard that Choy crashed his Bentley after he drank four glasses of red wine and slept for four hours. The crash took place in Sassoon Road, near Queen Mary Hospital at about 7.40am on May 1.

A breath test showed a reading of 66 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres or air. The legal limit is 22 micrograms.

Wong Ching-yu SC, for Choy, said his client had the new car for only a week before the crash and he was not familiar with its operations.

The court heard that the luxury car hit a metal railing before knocking down a mailbox and a fire hydrant.

The vehicle continued to move uphill in Sassoon Road for about 200 metres, hitting a safety barrier before it eventually came to a halt.

Wong told the court Choy shared two bottles of wine with his friends the night before the crash. He drank fewer than four glasses of wine and had slept for four hours.

Choy was released yesterday on HK$5,000 bail. Sentencing was adjourned to June 24, pending a community service report.

Choy suffered scratches to his right arm. He refused to be admitted to hospital for medical treatment.

Acting Principal Magistrate David Dufton said Choy's alcohol level would not be that high if he had rested. He also questioned why Choy's car continued to move after the first crash, adding that it seemed Choy intended to leave the scene.

Wong explained that it was because Choy was shocked at the time and accidentally stepped on the accelerator, causing the car to move 200 metres further.

He asked the magistrate to give Choy the benefit of doubt, since there was no evidence proving he tried to flee the scene.

Wong said Choy was remorseful. He had refrained from driving since and hired a personal driver. Wong said Choy was severely "mentally disturbed" by the incident and needed to see a doctor.

Choy has been fined six times for traffic offences, including five for speeding.

Grasshopper is a trio comprising Choy, his brother Calvin Choy Yat-chi, and Edmond So Chi-wai.



  1. At least his brother isn't called Romulus! A bit odd, as Remus gets killed off in the legend... are his parents hinting at something?

  2. I suspect Remus here choose his own name. I would not be surprised if there is a Romulus in Hong Kong. Although this depends on the popularity of Star Trek, which is not really that much in Hong Kong.

    Also, Remus looks quite effeminate … despite wearing a suit and tie.

  3. Or whether there are many Roman history buffs. Better the murdering but surviving famous brother than the one who got murdered?

    He looks like a typical Hongky male specimen you mean!

  4. Imperialist European history doesn't appear to be too popular in Hong Kong. Surprising really, since a lot of lessons can be learned from the great civilizations.

    Yes, I admit that Remus looks like a typical Hong Kong male.

  5. I guess there is only one Great Civilisation (This message had been approved by the CCP)!