Thursday 22 September 2011

0897 HKSAR Name of the Day

Diamond Cheng, weathergirl, TVB, Hong Kong

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Rare; Nature-based; Self-important


  1. I wonder if she's really high maintenance, and requires lots of diamonds as presents? She's in the right city I guess.

  2. The stereotype is that Hong Kong girls are high maintenance. By choosing a fancy, sparkly and luxurious name, Diamond Cheng is propagating that stereotype.

    TV weather girls here have no personality. One of the channels has (had) a weather guy, and just seeing him on the screen is hilarious. He likes to wear smaller-sized shirts, so that the tight-fit look makes him look "beefy"!! Great credit to him though, for trying to buck the weather girl stereotype.

  3. She's just trying to fit in to the weirdness. A quick google didn't turn up and pictures of her, so I couldn't check if she's sufficiently sparkly. Though I did turn up "Weather girl Icy Wong Yuen Man".

    Girls just need to look malnourished and 'pretty', that is their main function and goal in life. He evidently needs to go to the gym! But at least there is one guy in the industry.

  4. Thanks for the novel name. Miss Icy Wong will appear sometime on this blog!

    The weather guy makes me laugh everytime!