Wednesday 8 December 2010

A Windsor Not Of The Windsor Knot

For any tie aficionados out there, isn’t it odd that Prince William tends to avoid the Windsor knot? Personally, I think the Windsor way of knotting a tie is the “princely” approach. Smart, sophisticated and … er … symmetrical.

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Pic ITV)

Perhaps when Wills becomes King, he will upgrade from his half to a full Windsor knot?


  1. A lot of guys don't like the full Windsor knot. They think it's too big and loud. Plus, James Bond doesn't like them.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The size of any tie knot also depends on the material and cut. Therefore, Windsor knots do not necessarily have to be large; they can be small.

    Ian Fleming wrote that James Bond did not trust men who used the Windsor knot and regarded them as "cads". Here's a thing: Do you think James Bond-types are trustworthy? James Bond's views are not necessarily gentlemanly, are they? Some might even argue that Bond himself is a cad and a bounder! Lol.

  3. It would also be extremely difficult for Bond (or playground bullies) to at least incapacitate a villain (or classmates), by pulling and squeezing the full Windsor knot extremely tight, since this knot is quite easy to loosen and dismantle. Unlike other tie knots.

  4. Yes, thank you Anon. I quite agree. When one uses the Windsor knot, the tie does not usually become knotted, unlike other knotted ties that easily become knotted!

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