Thursday 23 December 2010

Mario Balotelli’s Wrong Trousers

Impudent, insolent and ill-mannered Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has apparently been inspired by a British animated classic, Wallace & Gromit’s The Wrong Trousers.

Feathers McGraw and Mario Balotelli disguise themselves as chickens (pic from The Telegraph)

Sporting such headgear perhaps demonstrates that Balotelli doesn’t care about what others think and also emphasizes his rebellious and defiant streak. The 20-year-old Manchester City striker is infamous for his sulky, spoilt and sparky temperament. There’s no doubting his footballing talent though and, having just won Tuttosport’s 2010 Golden Boy award (for the best European player under the age of 21), he has reiterated his supreme arrogance by stating that out of all the previous winners only Lionel Messi is better than him.

Surely Super Mario will go places.

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