Saturday 25 December 2010

Tennis Tic

Well, a habit really. Ever notice what Rafael Nadal usually does just before he serves?

As he bounces the ball on the court with his racquet in his left hand, Rafa uses his right hand to pick his ass and then brings it up to his face or nose and then swipes the hair over his left ear and then over his right ear before catching the ball.

You can see this at 0:38 in this following example:

Rafael Nadal Service

You can see this Nadal habit every time you watch this amazing tennis player play. Most recently, I saw this during the off-season charity matches between Federer and Nadal that were broadcast from Zurich and Madrid.

Since Roger Federer has faced his number one nemesis many times, it must be pretty frustrating for the Fed Express to see Rafa's habit all the time before a Nadal serve. One plus point is that it could be an unconscious nervous tic, which should be positively psychologically exploited by Federer.

Rafa, please stop picking your ass!!!

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