Tuesday 7 December 2010

England 2018 World Cup Bid Team Used Wrong Sex Appeal

Apparently. England’s approach in using The Three Stooges (see Ulaca), or the ‘Holy Trinity’, comprising Prince William, David Cameron and David Beckham was the wrong strategy.

Prince William, David Cameron and David Beckham at the Hotel Steigenberger in Zurich (Pic EPA)

According to Tottenham boss Harry Rednapp, who has an uncanny tactical knack of looking at things, England should have used sexy eye candy from England’s ‘finest’, and he named Jordan as a prime specimen example. At least this is the story according to the Daily Mail and the Guardian.

Would Jordan have swayed members of FIFA ExCo? (Pic Getty Images)

But then again, in the Land Down Under (where Mr Topsy Turvy lives, I think) they are complaining about the exact opposite, in a Sydney Morning Herald article (Misguided bid proved we're not ready to host the globe). In that article, former Socceroo Craig ‘Fozzie’ Foster whined and complained that:

Holland had Johan Cruyff, Guus Hiddink and Ruud Gullit; the USA had Landon Donovan; Korea had Park Ji-sung; England had David Beckham. We had Elle Macpherson.

Go figure!

Supermodel Elle MacPherson’s support for Australia’s 2022 World Cup bid was unwelcome by some (Pic Wikipedia)

This just goes to show that the FIFA ExCo voting system had apparently been decided all along, and all the superficial machinations and last-minute lobbying was further opportunity for the corrupt men of the moment to continue with their extraordinary power trip.


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