Friday 18 March 2011

Shoddy Slogans From City University

A real hermit lives downtown; a real scholar cares about this world.

Bizarrely, the above phrase is the official slogan of the City University of Hong Kong (according to the news article "Slogans enhance sense of belonging" in The Standard).

This slogan may sound better in Chinese but nevertheless can someone explain its meaning please?

Perhaps the first part of the slogan refers somewhat loosely to the term "Ivory Tower"? However, the news article mentions that this official slogan refers to "a real hermit living downtown", so the Ivory Tower suggestion may be off the mark. Can someone please enlighten?

[Hermits or not? From left, slogan prizewinners Kalvin Ho Kai-Ming, Hui Tak-Yin and Henry Kwan Him-Pok with City University professors]

Furthermore, three new prize-winning slogans were reported too (the original press release from City University only provides the slogans in Chinese).

First place slogan: CityU Innovations Improve the World

Second place slogan: Coming Together for Creativity: CityU Changes the World

Third place slogan: Home of Innovation: City of Talents

Do the English translations from The Standard do the slogans justice? Or are they just shoddy slogans to begin with?

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