Tuesday 15 February 2011

No Sex Please, We’re Chinese

Question: Instead of promoting love and affection and a feel-good factor, why do individuals in the media and governments negatively associate sex with St Valentine’s Day?
Answer: Because they are the ones who are really obsessed with sex.

First up, naughty SCMP provides a cheeky news story that engages in lots of double entendres. Words like “erection” and “erected” appear four times in the 392-word news article about an illegal sign that prohibits couples from parking somewhere in Clear Water Bay and making out.

Naughty SCMP also plagiarized the definition of the term dogging from Wikipedia, copying the following line in its news article (without any attribution):
Dogging is a British euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so.

Translation by SCMP: "In front of the ancestral tombs, don't mess around. Ghosts and gods are witnesses to what is happening. You will be responsible for the consequences." Pic from Edward Wong.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because ghosts and gods are watching you!!!

According to this article in Wired in 2004, dogging is pretty widespread in Britain and up to 60% of country parks is used for this activity. What percentage of Hong Kong’s country parks, including the remote locale along Hang Hau Wing Lung Road in Clear Water Bay where the sign is located, is used for dogging?

Aside: The person(s) who designed the sign should be applauded for creating a professional and interesting-looking sign. The Hong Kong Government could do no worse than to hire the designer as a consultant to help perk up (guffaw) its own drab and uninteresting public signs.

BTW, Spike at Hongkie Town has a couple of great posts about No Dogging in Clearwater Bay and about Hong Kong's ridiculous traffic signs.

No Sex Please, We’re Malaysian (BBC News)

This second “no sex” story is religiously influenced. The celebration of romantic love is not suitable for muslims in Malaysia, according to Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

There are about 18 million muslims in Malaysia’s 28 million population. Pic from Reuters.

No Sex Please, We're Google

Finally, the Google Doodle for St Valentine's Day (below) is far from lovely. In fact, it is positively sickening. Stare at it for only a few seconds and feel the dizziness and nausea kick in.

Again, is this another message to everyone in the world to avoid having sex during St Valentine's Day ... or at most other times too!!??

St Valentine’s Day Google Doodle. Makes you sick, doesn't it?

Did this Google Doodle appear in browsers in Malaysia? Does anyone know? Either way, the censors win.
a) If the doodle appeared in Malaysia, the Malaysian government can claim freedom of expression (while everyone throws up from Google's nauseating sign, pleasing muslim leaders).
b) If the doodle did not appear in Malaysia, then the muslims can claim a major victory too (leaving the Malaysian government to claim that the Google Doodle is so terribly designed to be considered worthy to grace web browsers in Malaysia).

Sex Please, We're Healthy Humans
In the 21st Century, why are there still Victorian (and pre-Victorian) and religious calls for "No Sex Please"?

To counter all this negativity about intimacy and sexual oppression, why not play this song I Just Had Sex or simply take a look at John McEnroe's expression!! Or better still ... just have sex!!


  1. Thanks for the link. Wonder if I could get a HK traffic sign campaign to go viral? Probably need some better photos to go with it.

  2. I reckon you can Spike. If you include some euphemisms or direct sexual references, then it will likely go viral. Lol.

  3. No, the government and media are only trying to save the people from mass fornication and orgies.

    But Hongkies as a whole are just as hypocritical. Exhibit 1: the Edison Chen sex scandal, where adults were found to be having consensual sexual relations with each other. Imagine that!!!! It's just not natural.

    And the people were so outraged and disgusted that they bought every magazine or newspaper which even mentioned the circus in order to be, umm, even more outraged?

  4. Lol. Everyone’s a hypocrite and that’s quite natural. The only rational part for people to attain is that they should be able to recognize and admit when they are being hypocritical.

  5. Do hongkies admit that they are hypocrites though?

    And the fact that the media circus was so massive that nothing else appeared to happen in the entire world for months after? In fact it got so big that it even got a small mention or 2 in the press here.

  6. Lol. It is extremely difficult to find individuals who admit to being hypocrites. It's just the way our "untrained" brains work. We encounter hypocrites in all walks of life and in all societies (not just in Hong Kong).

    The media circus is interesting too. Australia's media has to cater to an increasingly Asian audience profile, so it is not surprising that some Hong Kong news will register Down Under. Thanks again.

  7. Of course all the Hongkies especially, and Asians in general, were drooling while being outraged, for weeks from memory, till the main stream press deemed it worthy enough to plagiarise a few small stories.

    Coverage of Asia is somewhat spotty, though possibly improving.