Wednesday 23 February 2011

Hot Hong Kong Girls Inspire Pinky Doll

Pinky is the name of a hot new doll created to represent Hong Kong girls.

Artist Jacqueline Nielsen with Jessica Yeung Yin-sum, the inspiration for Pinky — a doll Nielsen says is a realistic portrayal of Hong Kong girls. Photo: Jonathan Wong

According to the SCMP news article (Move over Barbie - here comes Pinky, the real doll for HK girls, Feb 20, 2011), Pinky is modelled on Jessica Yeung. The creator, Jacqueline Nielsen, said Hong Kong girls are:
… mysterious and sexy and Pinky the doll is designed to celebrate that.

Hong Kong girls are misunderstood. [Many people] see them as noisy, picky and materialistic girls.

Nielsen says Pinky is:
... a piano instructor who loves photography and travel. She wears a pink dress and fluffy scarf, has wavy hair, does her make-up to perfection, and wears a shoulder bag.

If there is a point to the above comments in the SCMP news article, then I am at a loss as to what that point is. Generally speaking, if gweipo Nielsen is referring to the Asian Mystique, which includes Hong Kong girls as a subset, then it is safe to say that their “mystique” includes having all of the stereotypical characteristics mentioned above. That is, Hong Kong girls are stereotypically mysterious, sexy, noisy, picky and materialistic. And then some!

The SCMP news article confounds readers by describing this typically cutesy Hong Kong girl Jessica Yeung, who is Nielsen's inspiration for Pinky, as a 26-year-old who worked in the financial sector. Nielsen is also hoping:
... to make a series of such dolls, with different faces and different outfits. She is also looking into the possibility of deals with big brands that Hong Kong girls like, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, to produce small items for the dolls.

And Nielsen doesn't believe Hong Kong girls are noisy, picky and materialistic?? She thinks Hong Kong girls, like Yeung, are just mysterious and sexy? Lol.

It should be obvious that Pinky is a wonderful stereotype of Hong Kong girls … in much the same way as Barbie is a wonderful stereotype of white chicks of the sexy dumb blonde variety.

Why not describe Pinky for what she really is? Why not describe Jessica Yeung for what she really is? And why not make the Pinky doll even more realistic by giving it brown highlighted hair, instead of the so unfashionable black hair?? Yeung has trendy brown tinted hair.

NOTE: This blog has so far collected three real Pinky names of Hong Kong girls (see 0016, 0150 and 0427). I wonder what their personalities and physical traits are? Are these real-life Pinkys (Hongkies) anything like the Pinky doll and Jessica Yeung? Lol.

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