Sunday 20 February 2011

0758 HKSAR Name of the Day

Nicon Lam, Hong Kong businessman (homeless in 2010), Hong Kong

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Name Category: Creation


  1. I don't know if animals count on your list.
    We were at the vet's, which displays laminated photos of clients' pet photos.
    One was a husky named Hussy!

  2. Thanks Joyce, on this blog I enjoy all sorts of names ... and labels and car plates. The thing about HK Novel Names is that many actually sound like pet names. This means, from a native English perspective, that it is funny when people adopt names usually reserved for pets; however, would it be similarly interesting to highlight pet names for pets? That's an interesting question since, for example, Hussy is an amusing name for a husky dog.

    I suppose the real test is this: Would you find it funnier for a person to be named Hussy, or a dog? ;-) I know what list I'd prefer! But then again perhaps there are other blogs out there that focus on funny pet names?

    P.S. I think Hugo is a great name for a cat (your cat, in fact!), but IMHO not for a person.

  3. I think Hussy would be an extremely bad name for a human!

  4. It depends. Many a hot-blooded male would not mind if the person was a brazen hussy (reference Virginia Mayo) or even a painted hussy (reference Jessica Rabbit)!! Lol.