Saturday 1 January 2011

Holy Cow! Halo Deniers and Holly Lobbyists in Hong Kong

Spotted this frozen yogurt shop in Tsim Sha Tsui East and wondered why they used "Holly" instead of the well-known expression usually hollered by Canadians.

There's a cartoon signage of a cute cow with a halo above it so, unless there's an acknowledged Saint Moo or Sweet Angel Bovine around (who I, with my limited knowledge of manga and other cartoon celebrities, may not have heard about), the appropriate name of the shop should be pretty straightforward.

[Holy Cow! Where's the holly in my frozen yogurt!?]

In 2010, frozen yogurt shops have been springing up all over Hong Kong. Cute cows everywhere too!

BTW, there used to be a TCBY shop by Lan Kwai Fong many years ago; whatever happened to that franchise?

[Milky Cow ... not Millky Cow!]

At least the Milky Cow shop on Bonham Road has a name befitting of its product and cute signage.

Note to all: Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year and a Wonderful Start to the Second Decade of the Second Millennium!!

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