Sunday 30 January 2011

0737 HKSAR Name of the Day

Pierce Lam, Central, Hong Kong (SCMP letters 30 Jan 2010)

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Name Category: Rare

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  1. This is a duplicate comment that was posted at Hongkie Town (Daily Pierce Lam Rant) because our views about the xenophobic Pierce Lam is relevant to this blog too. Pierce Lam is a truly outrageous and spiteful individual.

    I wonder why this dreadful man has chosen to use an English first name when he is so obviously hateful toward anything non-Chinese?

    He is of course educated enough in English culture, compared with the average local Hongkie, to be able to choose a standard and non-silly name whilst altogether simultaneously “twisting the knife” at expatriates when his cruel piercing remarks have already cut deep into his enemies’ hearts.

    This arrogant and spiteful person is a clear example of someone who uses the benefits of education to further their own selfish agendas rather than as a continuous self-learning and self-growing experience to understand the world we live in. This ‘frog’ can never grow beyond his little well.