Monday 3 January 2011

0709 HKSAR Name of the Day

Yuky Li (Ms), trainee English teacher, Hong Kong

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Name Category: Creation; Phonetic-based?


  1. Very similar to a Japanese name, Yuki (you key). I hope she doesn't pronounce it "yucky".

  2. Good to have you back AW. Well, she is a trainee so anything is possible!

  3. Good to be back. You go down to the harbor and watch the fireworks on NYE? Was visibility ok? I just watched on TV.

    Perhaps she has specialised in the wrong language?

    One a side note, the weather here in Sydney has been rather Hongky for the last 3 weeks or so. 22-28, frequent rain, and humid.

  4. Thanks AW. Unfortunately, I wasn't in with the Facebook crowd to meet up with Wei Ting and his buddies at the gardens!

    Either Yuky has specialised in the wrong language, or the wrong profession! Lol.

    The weather in Hong Kong has not been very "Hongky". We have hovered around 10-13 degrees for weeks (starting from early December). It's not usually this cold for this length of time.

  5. So you were hanging out with Ngo Wei instead?

    What, OMG, have people been getting out their trendy puffy snow coats with the furry hoods (which no one ever actually uses)? Last time I was there (Dec06&Jan 07) when it dropped below 20 people started to break out their snow gear. I was still in shorts. There were only a few days where tshirts were insufficient.

    I would sooo much prefer that kind of weather to the normal ridiculous heat and humidity.

  6. Your observations about puffy jackets are spot on. Nowadays it is easier to spot visitors to Hong Kong because the locals are so "trendy"! Lol.

  7. Oh dear, the puffy jackets are still fashionable? That's a long time.

    Yeah, Hongkies are a bit, umm, 'different'.

  8. Generally, Hongkies love the cold. They love to wrap up in warm, padded, puffy, trendy, designer jackets as if they are setting off on a gruelling 5-month expedition to the Himalayas or Antarctic. When in fact all they do to titillate their sense of adventure is to eat ice cream in the street in public in the winter! Brrrrrrhhhh, that’s cold!!!

    I have to appreciate the fact that Hongkies, being a bit "different", provide a good source of material ... especially in terms of novel names. Otherwise, this blog would not be able to provide daily posts of HKSAR Name of the Day.

  9. Their definition of "cold" is one of the ways they're "different".

    Wearing snow gear when it's 18 degrees is just sad. There are many people living in areas where it actually snows who could die without warm clothing that people in the sub tropics wear when the temperature plunges to, umm, 15 degrees.

  10. I understand where you are coming from. However, it is all relative too. For instance, in parts of Greenland and Iceland the locals sometimes go crazy when the sun “comes out” and they spy tufts of greenery. It may only be 10 to 12 degrees, but that may be enough for breaking our the bikinis and bermudas and going sunbathing considering the subzero temperatures present for the rest of the year!