Tuesday 4 January 2011

Alien Abduction Assertions Akin to Being Bonkers

“Hello, I’m an abductee”.

And then everyone coughed, made their excuses and left. That’s the basic news story in the SCMP (subscription required) about the audience reaction to American Jim Sparks who was invited to speak by the Hong Kong UFO Club and the local branch of the Hawaii-based Exopolitics Institute.

[Yes, I talk to aliens]

Alien abductees always go for the convenient excuse in that the “aliens” studying them are so advanced beyond our comprehension and have technology that makes them invisible to us. And therefore, these "privileged individuals" are the only ones who can contact them or are in communication with them. How convenient!

Just like religious and cult leaders, these abductees just want people to believe them and “take their word for it” without ever providing any proof or evidence whatsoever. How convenient!

“Hello, I talk to God* and he tells me the most amazing things”.

* substitute for aliens, Allah, flying spaghetti monster, The Jade Emperor, etc, etc.

People who hear voices in their heads, and believe what they hear, are bonkers.

Perhaps the STRANGEST THING about this whole subject is the fact that the news article (partially reprinted below) reported 700 people went to the talk that cost between HK$150 and HK$300 per ticket. However, it is rather strange that the reporter only managed to “interview” one person out of the 700; a 22-year-old student.

Some oddities here (which are far more interesting than alien abductions):

1) Did this 22-year old student really pay (a significant sum, for a student) to attend?

2) Why didn’t the reporter interview others in the 700-strong crowd?

3) Did the reporter actually interview Jim Marsh or just report what he said during the talk?

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0161 HKSAR Name of the Day

Alien kidnap stories too out of the world for some (SCMP)

Adrian Wan

Jan 03, 2011

An American who maintains that he has been abducted hundreds of times by aliens left some members of his Hong Kong audience completely spaced out.

Having paid between HK$150 and HK$300 per ticket, some got up and left halfway through the talk by 56-year-old market researcher Jim Sparks.

He opened his lecture in Kowloon Bay to a gathering of 700 with the warning: "Many of you may find what I am going to say hard to swallow."

And they were prophetic words. While many listened quietly, some decided they had had enough.

One of those who headed for the door, student Derek Lau, 22, said: "He's a pretty good storyteller because he seemed so sincere.

"But for me it's too sci-fi. I'm a bit hungry and would rather go for a bite than sit through his fantasy."

Sparks was invited to make his first visit to the city by the Hong Kong UFO Club and the local branch of the Hawaii-based Exopolitics Institute, which says it carries out research into extraterrestrial activities.

Sparks said aliens first abducted him in 1988 when he was a property developer.

He would buy up raw land and divide it into lots for housing construction. But he was always very careful to preserve the trees on his developments.

This was in line with the claims of other alleged abductees, who said they were warned by the aliens against abusing the environment.

He said: "I had a good business and a good life. But one night, I was pulled from my bed to a craft."

At first he rebelled and refused to co-operate with the aliens.

But as the years passed, he got to understand more about them and even seemed to have won the trust of the extraterrestrials.

He added: "They know us as a person more than you know yourselves. Not only are they telepathic, they also have the technology to be invisible."

He attributed clear memories of his abductions to his anger about the events, which also included some "embarrassing experiences".

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