Saturday 8 January 2011

Avram Grant ‘Aving Us All On

He’s worse than ‘Arry Redknapp!

Avram Grant, with his consistently poor and lacklustre time as a premier league manager for Chelsea, Portsmouth and currently West Ham, must be incredibly talented at something to be given high-profile opportunities to manage football teams. What this talent is remains a deep mystery!

Perhaps he is a natural con artist? By saying that events will go one's way “by wearing certain clothing”, instead of accepting responsibility for his own lack of talent as a proven football manager, Grant appears to be able to gain the confidence and pull the wool over the eyes of those who stupidly believe him.

[Avram Grant, confidence man (pic from The Guardian)]

His latest example was to declare that he had a “lucky scarf” that has helped West Ham win matches. He claims he was given the lucky scarf on 30 November 2010 for the Carling Cup quarter-final win over Manchester United. But after that 4-0 win, he did not wear the scarf for the defeats to Sunderland and Manchester City, and the draw with Blackburn Rovers. Miraculously, when he used the scarf on 26 December 2010, West Ham promptly beat Fulham.

Grant also claims to have previous experience of having a lucky charm from his time with Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel.

"I remember when I was in Israel it was winter and I wore the same clothes. We won 11 games but I couldn't carry on wearing it, my shirt was smelling. I changed and we drew so the owner blamed me."

It therefore stands to reason irrationality that Grant believes that he has a lucky Chainrai charm. He made a big issue of wearing his lucky West Ham scarf for the next match on 5 January 2011 against Newcastle United.

Outcome: The Magpies promptly thrashed the Hammers 5-0. What are the chances of hearing anything more about Grant's "lucky" West Ham scarf?

This is not the first time Grant has invoked some lucky mascot (see Pompey’s Unlucky Mascot) ... and failed.

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