Tuesday 25 January 2011

0732 HKSAR Name of the Day

Mercy Wong Chung-yan, Lok Fu, Hong Kong (SCMP Letters, 25 Jan 2010)

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Name Category: Rare


  1. I really feel sorry for people who are called Faith, Hope, Charity, etc.

  2. It is interesting that many traditional names have a religious foundation or reflect the aspirations that parents have. I may blog on this further in future.

  3. Most traditional Anglo (and European names generally?) names come straight from the bible.

  4. Yes historically, the bible is a major source of traditional first names in the West (hence the term, “Christian name"). It's quite funny to imagine the scene where someone called, say, Mink Hwee (0733 Name of the Day) on entering a country where English is the official language is asked: "What's your Christian name?"

    A perplexed immigration officer: "Mink? Mink? There's no mention of minks in the Bible!!"

    Still working on a blog post for this topic.