Friday 11 September 2009

Received iPhone have I

It took two weeks for me to become a proud owner of the iPhone 3GS (happy to get it on Sunday). I know, I know. Others, like Spike, have had the iPhone for what seems like 'forever', especially given how often other people in Hong Kong seem to change phones every other quarter or so.

Hong Kong has a mobile phone penetration of 163%, which statistically-speaking indicates that every person in Hong Kong owns 1.63 mobile phones. Personally, 5 mobile phones is the most I've seen someone have. It was a taxi driver whose windscreen was peppered with mobile phones, obviously ready to take certain calls, for certain discount taxi groups, in certain areas. Alternatively, perhaps he had multiple mistresses? Talk about multi-tasking!

Anyways, in contrast to the relatively long wait I had for my iPhone, when I went to pick it up 3HK's shop staff were efficient (or shall I say experienced) at getting people in and out quickly.

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, there is a free App that I intend to use as an emergency flashlight, but which doubles up as, ahem, a lightsaber. It's called ... Lightsaber.

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