Saturday 5 September 2009

0223 HKSAR Name of the Day

Divine Fung (Mr), student, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Name Category: Creation


  1. Well, I was just browsing around when I found that my name was printed here. What's that all about? How come my name is here? Well thanks anyway for mentioning me.

  2. Hello Divine, thank you for your stopping by this blog. Also congratulations, since you are the first person ever to comment on their own HKSAR Name of the Day. I hope there will be others too.

    Divine, your name is interesting and novel. May I ask whether you chose this name yourself? Also, is there a reason (or reasons) why this name was chosen?

  3. It's chosen by my parents actually.

  4. Thanks Divine. That's very illuminating and the reason why your parents gave you that name would be even more enlightening.

    I am sure you know that Divine is a female name? I believe it also has a specific geographic and socio-economic bias.