Thursday 3 September 2009

iPhone 3GS – A New Hope

It’s been over a week since I registered for the new iPhone 3GS in Hong Kong. Does anyone have any experience of how long it took to register for and then receive their iPhone?

So far, all I have received from 3HK is the following text message:

3Notice: Thank you for your registration. We will notify you your handset collection date and location in phrases. Customers should register only ONCE. Orders will be put on a waiting list and processed according to the last registration date for multi-registrations.

Phrases? Like a bumbling Luke Skywalker unable to comprehend the full magnitude of the “Force”, my mind keeps 'hearing' silly little Yoda-like phrases that I believe will be texted to me. Phrases like:

“Receive iPhone will you”

“Sign or sign not, there is no calling”

“That iPhone is our last hope”. “No, there is another”

I’m certain there will be one or two fun iPhone apps about Star Wars!

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