Sunday 7 June 2009

Raiders of the Lost Ark's Intelligent Design

As any good archaeologist or scientist knows, digging deeper (i.e. "raiding") to uncover more details of the bigger picture is what drives us to a deeper understanding of 42.

Hong Kong's newest "attraction" is Noah's Ark. It will be interesting to uncover exactly why this kind of "theme park" was proposed by Sun Hung Kei Properties and ultimately given the green light by the government.

Reference (SCMP)

Ark attack

May 31, 2009

It is no coincidence that many who propagate the Noah's Ark myth as history are creationists who claim that intelligent design is science.

Their claims lack evidence and collapse when they are asked to explain some simple mathematics.

First, how much wood and labour would be required to build a wooden boat 4,000 years ago, big enough to accommodate 10 million species?

Second, how many hundreds of thousands of tonnes would be stored for 40 days' worth of food, including fresh meat and prey for the carnivores?

Third, how long would it take for these 10 million species to propagate to all the different islands and continental environments they occupy today?

If the Ark's maths fails, then would we allow our children to be taught the "intelligent design" version of creationism - that the millions of species we see around the globe today were designed and suddenly put in place after the flood?

Ian Stones, Mid-Levels

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