Monday 2 February 2009

Fireworks Fire Witchhunt!

Five days after the SCMP’s fallacious news report linking an unburnt “unlucky” fortune stick to an accidental fire on a fireworks barge, the SCMP now appears to be doing some investigative journalism into the company that orchestrated the Chinese Lunar New Year fireworks display. The angle of the news report is trying to lay blame on Pyro Magic, which means the SCMP has conveniently ignored the fact that it previously tried to blame the fire on Chinese superstition, which is fiddlesticks. Anyway, whether the company demonstrated incompetence during the recent fireworks display remains to be seen.

Whenever fireworks are present, there will inevitably be some accidents. This is why I rhetorically asked whether such incidents have ever occurred before? The SCMP news report states the company had 3 previous accidents, in 2005, 2004 and 2001. You can be quite sure that those years did not see any “unlucky” fortune sticks being drawn!!

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