Saturday 28 September 2013

Large Fat Tongues

I've noticed more TV presenters and celebrities who have large fat tongues. This makes them talk in a characteristic and noticeable way (lispy, if you like). For example, TV chefs Jamie Oliver and Allegra McEvedy.

And then coincidentally, while watching a BBC documentary called The Men Who Made Us Fat, the presenter Jacques Peretti also had a large fat tongue. A doctor put him in an MRI machine and examined how much internal (visceral) fat he had. Peretti is a classic example known as a TOFI; thin outside fat inside.

Has there been any studies that have linked fat people (either obese, overweight or TOFI's) with having large fat tongues? Can the presence of having a large fat tongue be a predictor that someone has, or could have, a dangerous amount of fat in their bodies?

Apparently, Hong Kong people look healthy but in actual fact many of them as classic TOFI's (see post here).

Food for thought !!

The Men Who Made Us Fat Part 1 of 12 (YouTube)

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