Saturday 12 November 2011

Oh Là Là, Oh Lola, Oh Dakota !

Oh Lolita ...

This Ad of 17-year-old Dakota Fanning has been banned in Britain (reference here)

Not content for women to make themselves look younger—whether it be by cosmetic, fashion, photoshopping or surgical means—the latest trend appears to be to make women smell younger. Lol.

Fragrance experts already know that, while women prefer floral perfumes, men much prefer sweeter tones. Unsurprising then that Marc Jabobs therefore grasped the Lolita angle for their ad campaign.

If you ask me, my concern about the ad poster is angled more on Dakota's rather awkward-looking elbow joint. Ouch!


  1. Or that she looks more than a little corpse like?

  2. The expressionless, blank, nothing-behind-the-eyes, corpse-like little-girl look is unappealing. But I suppose marketers and fashion designers think otherwise. This begs the question ... why do they believe men are attracted by little girls?

  3. Perhaps it's a reflection of their subconscious desires? The strange thing about this campaign (and other like it) is that a large number of people thought it was an excellent idea, and paid serious $ to make it happen.

  4. The fashion industry is seriously twisted!