Wednesday 9 November 2011

0921 HKSAR Name of the Day

Dominica Siu, head of media relations, Hong Kong Catholic Church, Hong Kong

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Name Category: Rare


  1. Seems quite an appropriate name for a Cathoholic somehow.

  2. Yes, head of media relations seems to be a cushy job for any religious individual.

    "Do as we preach ... but don't preach what we do" (because the lawsuits are accumulating!).

  3. Praying to the Imaginary Friend will fix all those pesky law suits remember.

  4. Pope Benny has a lot of answer for in his role in the coverups. There was a recent legal development where a court recognised the Catholic Church as being "employers" of priests. And since a significant number of priests have been accused of being sex offenders and child abusers, this may lead the way to being able to sue the church for not having proper rules and regulations governing the "employment" of men with suspect qualifications (or no qualifications at all) in teaching or supervising children. We'll have to wait for further developments.