Friday 25 November 2011

0929 HKSAR Name of the Day

Litwin Cheng Chun Chor (Mr), Drama, Arts Development Council, Hong Kong

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Creation; Job-based?


  1. Literary Winner? Literal Winner? Little Winner?

    Certainly weird.

  2. Weird and clearly positive in successful or monetary meaning. There are countless company names with the word "Win" and "Best" integrated to make it sound successful.

    Strangely, names like Edwin and Goodwin do not seem to be as popular, even though they have the word Win. Goodwin would seem to be a great choice of name for local Hongkies (it appears often as a company name). Perhaps these names are too common and possess no novelty or self-important characteristics?

  3. I know 2 Edwins who are Hongkies out here.

  4. OK I know a few Edwins and Edwinas out here. However, I think Wins is the real 'winner' so far, haha (see 0603 HKSAR Name of the Day)