Tuesday 22 November 2011

Men With Money Have Affairs ... Probably

This is not uncommon, whether in Hong Kong, the US or Uzbekistan. Obviously, the standing of each person in a relationship is important too. As mentioned before in previous posts (e.g. see here), if the male is arrogant and considers himself superior to his partner or wife then it is likely he will have an affair.

Therefore it was not really a surprising "revelation" that Henry Tang Ying-yen, a candidate for the chief executive "election" in March, is guilty of infidelity.

Why the long face?
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In Chinese, or Asian, society which is male-centric, this is accepted. Look at Stanley Ho and his "wives" or mistresses. Having mistresses is also accepted among the elite in other societies. The common factor is the inequality within the spousal relationship.

This "revelation" will not tarnish Henry Tang's image in the eyes and minds of the Hong Kong public.

And what of the other candidate, CY Leung?


It's down to business after Tang admits affair (The Standard)
Colleen Lee
Thursday, October 06, 2011

Henry Tang Ying-yen, who resigned as chief secretary last week, kept himself busy at meetings with political leaders and business elites yesterday, a day after admitting he had been unfaithful to his wife.

After confessing in a statement that "I have strayed in my love life, and I feel deeply remorseful and guilty," Tang focused on work apparently linked to his potential campaign for the chief executive election in March.

Yesterday afternoon, Tang, 59, met for two hours with new Executive Council convener Ronald Arculli at the Hong Kong Club in Central.

Asked what they talked about and if he had won support from Arculli, Tang said: "We just had a chat."

Arculli, who took over the job from Leung Chun- ying on Monday, also declined comment.

Tang is to meet today with former Monetary Authority chief executive Joseph Yam Chi-kwong, and tomorrow with executive councillor Leong Che-hung.

He also has appointments with former executive councillor Chung Sze-yuen on Monday, and former secretary for justice Elsie Leung Oi-sie the following day.

Victor Fung Kwok-king, group non-executive chairman of consumer-goods trading giant Li & Fung and former chairman of the Airport Authority, is on Tang's guest list for next Thursday.

The following day, Tang will meet with Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee member Yu Kwok-chun and Chinese- Language Press Institute chairman Lee Cho-jat.

In his statement, Tang thanked his wife of 27 years, Lisa Kwok Yu-chin, for forgiving him, saying he considered her his lifelong partner. He refused to identify who made him "stray."

Shirley Yuen, his former administrative assistant and current Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce CEO, and Elizabeth Chan, who worked as Tang's personal assistant when he was a lawmaker in the 1990s, both denied having an affair with him.

Kwok said there had been "difficult times" in their marriage, and they have decided not to look back.

In an exclusive interview with Eastweek, Tang said Hong Kong needs to handle many deep-rooted problems. These include how to make the economy more diverse, and addressing social issues and constitutional development. He also said it will be essential for the SAR to continue to contribute to the country.


  1. Since the elite are so predominantly male, of course they'd think that mistresses and hookers are par for the course for their peers.

    Another example of how traditional Confucian values make Chinese culture clearly superior.

  2. The fact that Henry Tang arrogantly considers himself superior is rooted in his privileged background and upbringing. Recently he proudly told reporters: "I was born in the year of the dragon," which apparently in his view says it all, really.

  3. He sounds sufficiently like a stereo typically privileged Hongky that he must be a shoo in - unless an even more oblivious rich person can be unearthed.

    He will ensure that the struggling people at the top of the pile can afford a new branded item every minute, while everyone else gets screwed. Oh, and he will bend over quick smart when the CCP come calling.

  4. Exactly. That is the type of candidate that is desired by the CCP. Forget communists (there are billions, apparently!), the CCP want capitalists.