Friday 6 May 2011

A Right Wally

At the end of this post is a name-related piece of football news about the assistant coach of Avram Grant at Portsmouth FC and his journalist son, both of whom are named Wally Downes.

But first Avram Grant. Grant continues to defy logic as to why most people regard him as a competent coach. There is little evidence to show why he should be considered a good football coach in the English Premier League. He has been coach of Chelsea FC, Portsmouth FC and now West Ham United, and has largely been a failure (Avram Grant ‘Aving Us All On).

Here's another funny thing about him: Doppelgangers. Does Avram Grant look like a humphead wrasse? Or is it just his dour demeanour that comes across?

Pics from here and there


Lionel Messi doppelganger

Mario Balotelli Wally

A Face Like A Fish

Pic from here


Here follows a brief lesson on the perils of giving your son your name, if you are a football coach and he grows up to be a budding sports writer.

Wally Downes, assistant to Avram Grant, manager of West Ham United, has a son, also Wally, a young journalist of much promise. Asked to preview Sunday's visit to Manchester City by the Sunday Telegraph, he eagerly complied, which is how the headline 'Downbeat Grant is fast running out of time' came accompanied with the confusing ascription 'By Wally Downes'.

Avram Grant fast running out of time as his team take on Manchester City in crunch game
By Wally Downes 30 Apr 2011

Imagine a young writer by the name of Pat Rice putting his name to a piece calling for Arsene Wenger to stand down and you get the general idea.

For future reference, it might be an idea if the younger Wally applied the word junior to his name.

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  1. You mean a pair of Wallies.

  2. Thanks Anon. I guess the Wallies now are Avram Grant and his ex-employers who did not have the balls to wield the axe earlier in the season. Avram Grant has a poor record as a football manager, and an excellent record for telling whoppers (e.g. lucky mascots, lucky scarves, etc).