Tuesday 10 May 2011

Doodling Mr Men and Little Miss

It is interesting that there is a little variety in the basic body shape of all the Mr Men characters whereas there is only a single body plan for Little Miss. That is, all Little Miss characters are rotund and plump (see Little Miss Jelly at 0796 HKSAR Name of the Day).

Conceivably, there are potentially many Google Doodles for every single day of the year. So how do Google decide to stick a Google Doodle down on their homepage and when to not do a doodle on Google? The mind boggles and boogles!


Interesting article from the Guardian

Google doodle celebrates Roger Hargreaves's Mr Men books
Google unveils 16 doodles of characters from much-loved books by English author and illustrator
Monday 9 May 2011

The 76th birthday of Roger Hargreaves, the English author and illustrator who delighted generations of children with his Mr Men books, has been celebrated by the unveiling of no less than 16 Google doodles.

Ranging from Mr Forgetful to Little Miss Tiny, the doodle image changes each time the page is reloaded.

More than 100m books based on Hargreaves's characters have been sold worldwide in 28 countries, while five more were completed by his son Adam, but even greater world domination may yet be on the way in the form of a big screen adaptation.

Twentieth Century Fox's animation department is working on the project although it is unclear whether the Little Miss characters will feature.

Hargreaves's stories have been adapted into four animated television series, most recently airing in the UK on Channel 5 in 2008 and 2009. A total of 46 Mr Men and 33 Little Miss characters were created.

The first of the Mr Men characters is said have been created when Adam Hargreaves asked his father what a tickle looked like.

Hargreaves drew a figure with a round orange body and long, rubbery arms. Mr Tickle had been born.

Adam, who has said that the simplicity of the characters was the key to their success, took over the running of the Mr Men empire after his father died of a stroke in 1988 at the age of 53.

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