Tuesday 12 April 2011

0809 HKSAR Name of the Day

Minerva Cheng, student, School of Communications, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

About Novel HKSAR Names
Name Category: Rare; Self-important


  1. aimlesswanderer12 April 2011 at 21:14

    Another person who was really impressed with their studies of Roman and ancient Greek history. If you're going to choose a name for yourself, why not that of a goddess? Wonder if she's one of those infamous Hongky princesses/spoiled brats.

  2. Thanks AW. Generally from a socio-cultural perspective, Hongkies have a high opinion of themselves which is why I reckon this contributes to them being more likely to choose self-important novel names. Compare this with the socio-cultural perspective of someone like this British plumber who decided to call himself a low-brow novel name Monster Munch (Brand-based).

    Although having said that, I have just shot myself in the foot with the appearance of this cheap Brand-based novel name , chosen by an accountant no less. Lol!

  3. aimlesswanderer13 April 2011 at 20:04

    Honkies with big egos? I'm shocked you'd even suggest that!

    However, better than following Sarah Palin's naming scheme: random objects and place names.

  4. ;-)

    Sarah Palin's children are named Track (Male), Trig Paxson Van (M), Bristol Sheeran Marie (Female), Willow (F), and Piper (F). Seems Palin's children would fit right in here in Hong Kong!

  5. aimlesswanderer27 April 2011 at 20:36

    I think their religious quackery, stupidity and general ignorance would get them booted out of even Hongkers in record time. Even though, as you point out, their names are suitably random.