Monday 7 December 2009

Deluded Christian Values

Kimmie Wong Lai-chu, the political assistant caught in a sexual harassment case with legislator Kam Nai-wai, is obviously a Christian not too unlike hoards of other “not-so-young” single Christian women who have set themselves up on a hopeless pedestal.

Christians are told that they are born sinners and are somehow taught to be “good”. And those who have traditional and cultural mindsets interpret "good" to mean no premarital sex, no premarital living arrangements, and definitely no adultery. As single Christian women who supposedly follow the Bible's "teachings", what they fail to realize is that it is not they who are breaking the seventh commandment (i.e. committing adultery), and it is not they who are dissing the tenth commandment (i.e. “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or house, or ox or donkey”). It should be obvious that the ten commandments are man-made; specifically, male-made.

Isn’t it time for single Christian women to realize that fairytale knights in shining armour don’t exist? Just as Santa Claus, good fairies of the South and of the Tooth, and angels don’t exist. While we’re at it, yes, also this supernatural deity some call Dog doesn’t exist either. Eternal love? Why not just be happy with and appreciative of whomever you’re with in this one-and-only life?

Why do deluded Christians set themselves up on a hopeless pedestal? People can be good without God.

From The Standard
Wongs [sic] statement continued: I am serious about love. I strongly believe in eternal love and the life commitment of marriage. From the beginning, I have done only one thing which was to reject my superior Kam Nai-wai, a politician who has a standing under the constitutional system.

Besides, he also has a wife and a daughter.

She concluded: In the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, I am willing to end this incident with forgiveness. Forgiveness can cure hurt feelings and dissolve disputes. It is also a way for me to ease my burden and to release myself.

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