Thursday 31 December 2009

Avatar Doppelganger Caricature

What a visually-stunning movie Avatar is. But this post is not about reviewing the film … others have already done that quite well (a selection of links is included below).

Instead, I just want to say that the best caricature in Avatar has to be Colonel Miles Quaritch. Almost every time he appeared on the 3-D silver screen, I either laughed or shook my head at his clichéd one-liners and screen presence. The actor, Stephen Lang, gave a great performance … “of the, uh, Jarhead clan”.

Colonel Miles Quaritch is such a caricature that the images of Major Chip Hazard from Small Soldiers, and Duke Nukem were brought to mind.

[Chip, Duke, Quaritch; take your pick! Pics courtesy of GoogleImages]

Whilst searching for images from Avatar, I also noticed some of the toy action figures. At first glance, I realized they were not to scale since the alien Na’vi are supposed to be three metres tall. So unless Colonel Miles Quaritch was a towering Jarhead surpassing NBA proportions, I guess the action figures are just made for ease of packaging!

[Colonel Miles Quaritch and Avatar Jake Sully. Pic courtesy Fwoosh.]

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  1. I love these new avatar action figures. Especially the new cards and i-tag technology. Have you tried it. You should. The post is dead on, very similar between quatrich and the toy soldiers character. :)

  2. Thanks AAFF! I'm afraid I have not had the pleasure of playing with these new avatar action figures! Looking forward to the prequel of Avatar since there must surely be more military caricatures. ;-)

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