Wednesday 8 April 2009

Zheng Jie … She’s Got Big … Dijen

There’s a recent tongue-in-cheek post about Chinese tennis star Zheng Jie and her feminine physique, who is apparently drawing some interest from the Netherlands (of all places). I’m sure people in other places are interested in Zheng Jie too. I enjoy tennis, so I will briefly comment on Zheng Jie. Incidentally, I managed to watch her and other women players in action earlier this year in Victoria Park during the World Team Challenge exhibition event.

Two-time Grand Slam doubles champion and Wimbledon singles semi-finalist Zheng Jie is a talented tennis player who, because of her particular physique or body type, tends to play in a similar way to how Michael Chang used to play. She is a counter-hitter or counter-puncher who willingly scurries and scuttles around the court, which has the effect of further developing those thigh muscles of hers. Yes, she’s got big thighs.

Zheng Yi (L) and Yan Zi (R) at the Beijing Olympics (August 2008)

Zheng Jie in action at Wimbledon (July 2008)

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