Tuesday 11 April 2017

Ugly Perceptions of Ugly Celebrities

For obvious reasons, controversial TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson says the most remarkable things. However, his largely exaggerated comments are based on some truths, which is why they can be funny. Here’s what he said about the following celebrities*:

Kiera Knightley is “just an ironing board with a face, and she works!”

 Kiera Knightley (reference to Women's bodies)

Sarah Jessica Parker “looks a like a boiled horse!”

There’s even a website called Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse 

This site has previously commented on how people look, even on balloon heads like the largely-respected billionaire Lee Ka-shing and table tennis coach Hui Jun.

 Lee Ka-shing

Further Thoughts

We often hear that some people look remarkably similar to their pets. How about people looking similar to their occupations or hobbies?

So far, we have:
1) A popular tubby TV food critic who looks like a chubby fish (see here)
2) A certified balloon artist who has a balloon face (see here)
3) A table tennis champion who has a ping pong ball head

* reference (Top Gear Season 11 Episode 4)

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