Thursday 12 November 2015

Doppelgangers — Star Trek Generations

It is always interesting seeing familiar faces in the next generation(s) of celebrities. Here are a couple of Star Trek lookalikes.

Ryan Eggold, age 31, played Tom Keen in The Blacklist 

Brent Spiner, age 66, played Data in Star Trek: TNG. Pic credit

My take: 
Eggold has the same cold, calm, steely look that Spiner has. Their's is the kind of face that can unnerve you because you can see they have very controlled emotions and that they just might become "cold, unfeeling killers" in an instant.  The cold characters they played (i.e. Tom Keen, Data, Lore) were perfect for them.

 Johnny Galecki, age 40, played Leonard in The Big Bang Theory

John Billingsley, age 55, played Dr Phlox in Star Trek: Enterprise. Pic credit

My take:
Considering there are plenty of Star Trek references in The Big Bang Theory (such as numerous TBBT fans commenting on Galecki looking like JJ Abrams... which I don't really see), it is amazing that no one has mentioned Galecki's striking similarity to Billingsley (which is far more obvious). They have very similar mouth and dental features that give them the same facial and spoken mannerisms. The character Leonard can easily play Dr Phlox in a future TBBT episode when the nerds go to yet another Star Trek convention.

JJ Abrams and Johnny Galecki are NOT doppelgangers of one another. Pic credit 

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  1. Nice post. Check out The Blacklist episode called The Architect. Brent Spiner is there.