Saturday 19 October 2013

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Dicken Ng, brother of missing schoolgirl Janet Ng Chun-yee apparently found dead on Victoria Peak (September 2013), Hong Kong

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Body found on Victoria Peak maybe missing schoolgirl (SCMP; paywall)
Monday, 09 September, 2013 [Updated: 7:58AM]

Danny Mok

A body found yesterday near a walking trail at The Peak is believed to be that of missing schoolgirl Janet Ng Chun-yee, who disappeared last Sunday.

Janet Ng Chun-yeeThe discovery was made by firefighters at about 3pm on a hill off the Governor's Walk, which skirts around Victoria Peak Garden. Police believe the girl died a few days ago.

The rescue crew had been searching for 16-year-old Janet, who was last seen at a restaurant on Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay on the afternoon of September 1.

She had been dining with friends from St Clare's Girls' School, the elite school she attended. She asked them to join her on a trip to The Peak but they declined, so she went alone.

Police said the height and clothing of the body matched the description of Janet. Nothing suspicious was found, nor was there a suicide note.

However, Janet had sent several instant messages via WhatsApp to her classmates on September 1 at about 2.30pm saying she was "on the way to hell", and "I will die today".

One of her classmates replied: "You want to kill yourself just because the school has been [painted] pink. You are really silly."

Another friend said: "You could just leave the school. Do you really need to die?"

Janet replied: "Forget it. You guys don't understand this."

Later, at about 6pm, Janet sent a photograph to her brother Dicken Ng, taken near Victoria Peak Garden, with the message: "Super beautiful Victoria Peak Garden".

That was the last message she sent before she apparently switched her phone off.

Janet's family reported her missing on September 2.

Police and the Civil Aid Service searched the area and other places where Janet went.

Lucia Lau Fung-yi, the principal of St Clare's, said last week that Janet was a lively and cheerful girl and there was no sign that she would try to commit suicide.
This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Body found on Peak maybe missing schoolgirl

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