Sunday 3 October 2010

A New Line in Emergency Underwear

This novel invention called the Emergency Bra won the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize for Public Health and deserves all the plaudits (and laughs) it gets.

Inventor Elena Bodnar of Hinsdale, Illinois with her Emergency Bra. John Durant, right, Director of the MIT Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Gus Rancatore demonstrate their fetish for women's used underwear how the novel invention works. Pic from Reuters.

I wonder if Bodnar got her idea from this SARS fashion pic?

What is surprising is that this concept did not originate from a Japanese entrepreneur (or a man), considering the fact that there is apparently a ready market for used underwear in Japan. That is, vending machines in Japan supposedly provide used panties to those who “want” them.

HKSARblog anticipates the next phase in this line of Emergency underwear or undergarments to be … smokin' hot utility panties. Specifically, the Emergency Panties, the Emergency Knickers or the Emergency Undies for those in the US and Canada, the UK, and in Australia and New Zealand, respectively.

Man: Cough, cough. I'm really worried about this new bird-civet-cat-swine-mickey-mouse flu that's going around. Cough.

Oh you poor dear. Here, let me slip this off and you can put it over your nose and mouth as a fashion facemask. Why, my smokin' hot utility panties even have useful loops that can hook around your ears!

Pic from EmptySoul

Anyone want in on starting a business partnership selling the new Emergency Knickers-to-Facemask concept? Lol.

Pic from Wikimedia Commons

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