Tuesday 10 August 2010

Unclearly English or Clearly UnEnglish?

There is a new brand of water ebbing out of Cambridge and flowing into Hong Kong called Iceni. It is apparently named after a tribe in East Anglia that was ruled as far back as 60AD by Queen Boadicea (who appears to have at least three different spellings).

Aside from the inconsistent spelling of the queen’s name on the Iceni website and on the labels on the water bottles, the brand identity appears inconsistent and confused.

[Clearly English. Really?]

Somewhat British? St George?


  1. Coke a number of years back spent a few pounds setting up a bottled water plant near Londonium. It never lasted long to drain much of the Thames. Their source of water was out of the tap and they soon had to pack their bags back to the coloniesiumus.

  2. Thanks BarryO. Yes, the Dasani scandal caused pandemonium!

  3. Dasani - I had forgotten the brand. We could send something back, "Yellow River" or something scooped up from the pearl delta, just name it "Toxic".

    Shipping all the water around the world is going to attract the froth of the greenies. So here is a freebie for the marketing people

    "Dehydrated Water"