Saturday 14 August 2010

A Traditional Marriage? Try Getting a Hallmark Card For That!

While Pat Condell (example here from China Droll) and Mr Deity (example there) are undoubtedly great if not a little dry, HKSARblog has discovered a new favourite in Mrs Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian! She’s amazing, she’s fantastic, and she really is America’s Best Christian!! Check this out …

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

With Hong Kong’s current legal shenanigans at the High Court involving a transgender woman challenging the Hong Kong Government’s traditional view of marriage so that she can marry her boyfriend, Mrs Betty Bowers definition of Traditional Marriage According to the Bible really does help clarify just what a mockery society’s traditional beliefs are.

On Sunday 8 August 2010, the Sunday Morning Post had a rather uninspired, inelegant and prosaic headline: “I want to marry my boyfriend, says woman who was a man” that described the landmark legal case in Hong Kong.

The transgender woman identified only as “W” is Hong Kong Chinese, in her 20s, and was born male and had a sex change. Although the Immigration Department has changed her sex on her identity card, she discovered that the Registrar of Marriages ruled she could not marry her boyfriend. She is denied the right to marry because her birth certificate—which cannot be changed under Hong Kong law—still shows her to be a man. Based on society’s view and definition of traditional marriage, the only person she can legally marry is a woman.

NOTE: W’s lawyer, Mike Vidler, said: "This is not a back-door step towards same-sex marriage, it is simply a case of allowing a couple to express their love for each other and live life together as a married couple."

Even so, the summary of Mrs Betty Bowers’ video (at 3:30) should still strike a chord:
The Lord’s idea of a perfect marriage is between one man and
1) His sister;
2) And a rapist;
3) Kitchen condiment;
4) Girl he’s kidnapped and raped;
5) More than one woman;
6) An adulterer;
7) A pack of raped whores;
8) 700 wives;
9) 300 concubines;
10) A helper;
11) And a son who has murdered his brother.

But [a Biblical marriage] is … not between one man and another man because well that would be … immoral.

Bravo ... Mrs Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian! You have a new fan and there are certainly plenty more supporters who appreciate your excellent work as "America's Best Christian".

More news about Hong Kong's High Court Review Case is available from The Standard's article:
Transgender woman gets her day in court (10 August 2010)

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