Wednesday 7 July 2010

Pele’s Pathetic Predictions Persist ... so let's ...

Pele’s prediction of a Brazil v “any African side” World Cup final quickly faded even before Brazil was eliminated by the Netherlands at the quarterfinal stage on 2nd July.

Pele’s prediction plopped right after the group stages on 25th June, when only Ghana (one of six African nations in the World Cup) survived to the Round of 16. And had Ghana and Brazil progressed, they would have met each other only at the semifinal stage (as predicted earlier). So much for Pele's prediction!

These days, the only memorable thing about Pele is that he continues to be consistently useless at forecasting football futures. So why not make use of Pele's amazing track record in pathetic predictions?

HKSARblog would like to start up a list of predictions for Pele, so that he can proclaim them to the media with the aim of actually making a difference to the game of soccer. Let's face it, FIFA doesn't appear to want to make any changes to keep up with developments in the modern game, so let's get help from Pele. Let's start off by asking Pele to predict that ...

1) Video technology, particularly goal-line technology, will never be introduced to football, especially in the foreseeable future.

2) Vuvuzelas will be embraced by all sports tournaments, and therefore are here to stay forever.

3) The Jabulani World Cup ball is magnificent and will be used in every major football tournament from now on.

[Let's get Pele to predict that vuvuzelas are here to stay. Pic courtesy AFP/Getty Images.]

I'm sure there are plenty of other Necessary Changes to Football that we can collect, save and use for the benefit of the beautiful game. Please feel free to contribute. All we need do is to politely ask Pele to work his magic by making these predictions to the world's media.

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  1. Even the psychic octopus beats Pele ... hands down!

    Pele Prediction: Sepp Blatter is a lovely man motivated purely by his love for football and will stay in power for the foreseeable future.