Monday 3 September 2018

Drink Driving. Who Is Irresponsible?

This ad is outdated, outrageous and out of context!

This government public service announcement about drink driving only takes into account the driver's perspective and responsibility. However, ALL parties are responsible. In this frequently-played ad (which dates back to the 1990s), the driver's wife and his friends all know the driver is drinking ... so why don't they act like responsible adults and take action?

If you know your lover, relative or friend has been drinking, what do you do? In the ad, the wife knowingly and stupidly gets into the car with a drunk driver! And subsequently she get killed in a car accident. Real smart!

The INTENDED message is targetted at the irresponsible driver (scare tactics?), but the REAL message coming through is that the wife died because she was irresponsible and STUPID to get in a car with a drunk driver! Please use common sense.

This ad is titled "If you drink, don't drive!" but it downplays everyone else's responsibility ... including the government departments and broadcasters (who are too lazy to update their drink-driving prevention campaigns).

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