Saturday 12 August 2017

1971 Novel Name of the Day

Maura Wong, former CEO of policy think tank Civic Exchange, Hong Kong

The meaning of Maura is "star of the sea"

About Novel Names
Name Category: Rare

NOTE: there is a brilliant comment on this news story about a FAIL in journalism regarding anonymity.

Comment on this story
BRIAN CHEN 18 Apr 2017 - 11:57PM

Shirley Zhao, why are you such a dumb ass reporter?? Mr. Tso requested to be anonymous and you basically divilged all his information, including his age, residence, purchase date, and household income.
Mr Tso, who wished to remain anonymous, said he and his wife bought a flat of about 200 sq ft in High One in Cheung Sha Wan for about HK$4 million in 2014.
“We needed a home after getting married,” Tso, an office worker in his 30s, said.
The couple pay around HK$18,000 a month – about 40 per cent of their combined salary – for a 30-year mortgage, he said.

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