Saturday 14 May 2016

Bruce Lee Gay Icon?

I managed to visit the HK Heritage Museum last week to see the Claude Monet exhibition that is currently on display. There were plenty of people enjoying being in the presence of Monet's works and happily snapping photos too. I also took some pics, including this one ...

Gondola in Venice 1908 (when Monet was 68 years old)

I then went upstairs to see the Bruce Lee exhibition (these artefacts are being housed temporarily in the HK Heritage Museum until 2018).

Bruce Lee looking "buff" and hypothetically perhaps not out of place 
as a cover shot for a gay magazine

Imagine my surprise when the "guards" there told me off for taking photos. The public are forbidden to take photos in the Bruce Lee exhibition. WTF? We are permitted to take photos of as many Monet's as we can hold our smartphones to, but we are banned from snapping anything about Bruce Lee!!!

It didn't stop me from taking another interesting pic ... Bruce Lee's fantastically classical handwriting. Looking at his scribblings, I can't help but think that Bruce Lee, who was a truly great artist, was also very neat too (in a metrosexual kinda way)!

Bruce Lee's notes on the Cha Cha

A somewhat related gay article is this one about asking HK medical doctors to be more welcoming to gay patients.

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