Wednesday 14 December 2011

Why Did The Senior Citizen Sit On The Upper Deck?

No, this is not a joke and there is no catchphrase. This question was my first thought when I read the news story (below) about a 74-year-old man who fell down the stairs of a double-decker bus and subsequently died from his injuries.

Risk Assessment
Leaving aside the unpredictable, unintelligent and incompetent actions of others (like the bus driver, allegedly), why do people put themselves at unnecessary risk? Would it not be sensible for senior citizens to stay on the lower deck of a double-decker bus?

Senior citizens may sit on the upper deck of the Star Ferry, but preferably they should not sit on the upper decks of buses and trams. Is this reasonable to assume in Hong Kong society?


Senior in fatal fall down stairs of double-decker (The Standard)
Thursday, December 08, 2011

A 74-year-old passenger died after falling down the stairs of a KMB double-decker bus.

The man, surnamed Chan, had a head injury and died upon arrival at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The accident occurred at around 2pm on Wan Wah Street near Tsz Oi Court car park in Tsz Wan Shan.

The Trident bus has been running for eight years, while the driver was on his last trip when the incident occurred.

A KMB spokeswoman said the bus was on its way to Tsz Oi Court when it stopped at traffic lights near a car park.

But after the bus captain resumed driving, he heard a loud bump.

Reports from the scene said Chan was about to go downstairs and was close to the edge of the stairs when he fell.

Chan, who lived in the area, was unconscious when taken to hospital.

The driver, who joined KMB in 1996, has been suspended, which the spokeswoman said is normal until a police investigation is completed.

She said all drivers must pass three weeks of training before serving the public. They need to have at least three years of experience driving private vehicles with satisfactory conduct.

But Ringo Lee Yiu-pui, chairman of the Institute of the Motor Industry Hong Kong, said: "In terms of professional conduct, I suspect bus drivers possibly still lack training on taking passengers' safety into consideration while driving."

He said drivers - through the bus periscope - should make sure no one is standing up on the upper deck before moving off.


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