Sunday 18 December 2011

Pele the Anti-Prophet Supreme

Spanish soccer giants Barcelona FC have just thrashed Brazilian champions Santos 4—0. But this is no huge surprise because this blog's favourite anti-Prophet, Pele, predicted that Santos had a good chance of beating Barcelona at the FIFA Club World Cup that was held this Sunday in Japan. The scoreline suggests Santos didn't have a chance!

True to form Pele did not disappoint. A common soccer phrase seems appropriate here: Form is temporary, class is permanent!

Pele is simply amazing. His predictions are pure class because they are an almost dead certainty to be completely and utterly wrong. Predictions associated with Pele typically fall by the wayside (see posts here and there and here) so it is usually sensible to bet against Pele's predictions.

The only 'thing' who has a better track record, albeit spanning only a couple of months, than the prolific Pele is Paul the Octopus (now deceased). Paul the Octopus was an excellent Prophet, and Pele the Man is an incredible Anti-Prophet.

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