Saturday 3 December 2011

0933 HKSAR Name of the Day

Wyman Wong Wai-man, supporter of local celebrities(?), Hong Kong

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Name Category: Rare; Phonetic-based; somewhat common in Hong Kong


  1. I can't help myself, "why man, why?"

    "Supporter of local celebrities"? You mean he stalks them?

  2. Wyman is probably female. Why man, why!? Why woman, why?

  3. The phrase "Supporter of local celebrities" was what was written in the local paper. I'm not sure what it means, sorry!

    Perhaps, more than a fan?

  4. Either Wyman is a celebrity obsessed fan who turn up outside every event where "celebrities" turn up, or is rich /well connected enough to get invited t lots of them.

    Seriously, Wyman a woman's name? I would have difficulty keeping a straight face if she were my girlfriend, I think I'd stick with her Chinese name. It'd be like calling the gf "Bob" or something.

  5. Could be. Or perhaps Wyman is a deluded wannabe celebrity and the only way to get in front of cameras and in the media is to "support" local celebrities. Apparently your average local celebrity does not make much money and yet is expected to wear the latest fashions and be seen in the trendiest places, which is probably why there are these "supporters of local celebrities". Just a guess.

    If she were your gf, you'd be calling her "Man" or "Wai-man" (Raymond). Haha.

  6. Wyman is definitely a bit weird.

    So maybe they need supporters who help their suitably extravagant upkeep?

    If she was my gf I'd be calling her "honey" or somesuch Canto equivalent or a nickname.

  7. Haha. Perhaps I should introduce you two! You two would make a good argumentative pair ...

    "Aimless stop calling me 'Honey', my name is Wyman."

    "But Honey, it is a sweet lovely nickname ... er, just like you."

    "Well, if you must insist on using that sweet nickname, then call me 'Honeyman', OK?"

  8. I already have a gorgeous girlfriend, thank you very much. And also I think I would give Hongky girls a wide berth if I was single.

  9. A female friend from the mainland said once in response to me saying that Hongkies were "by definition a bit different", said "some of them are, errr..." and I supplied "vaguely human". She laughed and said that she was thinking more like "some of them are nice".

  10. Haha. It is all relative too! Yes, perhaps a small portion of Hongkies are "nice". But with most things, a person's background and experience should be taken into account. I find people's personal perspectives interesting (and sometimes scary) and it usually becomes clearer when you understand where they are coming (or come) from.