Tuesday 6 April 2010

Harry's View Incorrect

Today's (Monday 5 April 2010) cartoon in the SCMP is baffling. Harry's View is usually pretty good, but this one about counterfeit anti-impotence drugs doesn't make sense. Or is there an alternative reasoning involved?

[Source: SCMP]

Will there be letters to the editor about this? Or will there be a statement in the Corrections and Clarifications section?


  1. Yes - good catch: some pretty tortured logic is needed for that to make sense. It would obviously read sensibly if it were "counterfeit contraceptive pills", but that's not what they're finding.

  2. Thanks Smog. "No wonder we rank among the lowest in the annual global sex surveys!" Any other suggestions for captions? ;-)

  3. anti-counterfeit efforts so successful that people have to buy the real things ....